Our Story

Fade Away Scars

Fade Away Scars is redefining the future of scar treatments. Founded by a team of medical executives and a world-renowned plastic surgeon, we are a premium scar treatment provider built on a legacy of innovative plastic surgery-inspired scar care products backed by clinical results.


Who We Are

We are a women-owned business that started in Chicago, Illinois. With 3 boys between the founders, we’ve seen lots of bumps and bruises - some that left marks. We wanted a solution to scarring that was safe and effective for our children. We tried the over-the-counter scar lotions and compared them to the silicone gel solutions we knew from working in the medical industry that was available to hospitals- and the retail brands were simply lacking in their results. Then, these same effective treatments that were confined mainly in medical settings became available over-the-counter. Then, these same effective treatments that were confined mainly to medical settings became available over-the-counter. So, after a lot of design and engineering, we created a scar treatment that works for us that we could offer directly to you.

Now, don’t let our pretty packaging fool you - we are still a true medical device company, which means that our products live up to FDA regulated standards of efficacy and safety. Our silicone gel scar treatments are all made in the U.S.A.


 What We Believe

Our company was established on the principle that feeling better in your skin means feeling better in your life. We do not believe in gimmicks or unproven, complicated treatments. We believe in providing only medically proven solutions to our customers. We offer a number of treatment plan options to best fit your scar and lifestyle.